Day Trips

We are excited to present to you our Day Trips track for this year. We are pleased to announce a variety of opportunities for you to experience some of the amazing attractions that Kansas has to offer. If you are driven to explore and interested in learning more about Kansas and the business/attractions within, then this is the track for you! Below is a list of the day trips that we have to offer. 

  • Konza Prairie – A virtual walk through of the Konza Nature Trail that highlights the beautiful tallgrass prairie preserve located just outside of Manhattan, KS. There will be information showcasing the bison herd and management of the herd that roams the prairie.  In addition, a showcase of the prescribed fire program and how it works to maintain the health of the tallgrass prairie. 
  • National Bio and Agro-defense Facility (NBAF) – Dr. Ken Burton – will be talking about the National Bio and Agro-defense facility. NBAF is a state-of-the-art facility that will aim to protect the nation from the threat of deadly animal diseases. He will be providing information on the capabilities of a BSL-4 facility, how it is designed to research and contain pathogens that we currently have no treatments or countermeasures for. He will also be addressing USDA-APHIS and ARS operational standup planning, and future research programs in the BSL-3Ag and BSL -4Ag laboratories providing veterinary medical countermeasures for US veterinarians and livestock industries to protect animal health, the US food supply, and public health from transboundary animal diseases. 

  • Hill’s Pet Nutrition Center – generously sponsored by Hill’s Pet Nutrition  If you enjoy nutrition or wonder how your pet’s food is developed/researched, then this is a trip for you! A live look inside of the cutting edge Hill’s pet nutrition center. Hill’s will be providing two live tours through their facility with a question and answer session at the end. 
  • Sunset Zoo – A main attraction to the Manhattan, KS area is our local zoo. We will be providing a virtual walk-through of the zoo’s exhibits, with some behind-the-scene looks! A highlight of the James W. Carpenter Veterinary Clinic will be provided. If zoo and exotic medicine is your passion or interest then this is a perfect day trip for you!