Social Events

Opening Ceremony

We are excited to present to you two different unique speakers for this year’s opening ceremony. Speakers will be revealed as we get closer to the start of Symposium. Following, will be a riveting 30 question game of Kahoot Trivia! This will be a super exciting start to our week with questions covering everything from history to anatomy! Everyone will want to participate in this friendly competition for prizes up to a $50 prepaid Visa card.

Trivia Game
Zuku Review Veterinary Trivia Game, hosts live by Dr. Zuku himself! – 12 Mar @7pm CST
  • Bring: Your sense of humor, brain, and loudest Hawaiian shirt
  • Leave at the Door: Obnoxiousness, cut-throat attitude, your dignity
  • Trivia Questions: On veterinary medicine and animal-related popular culture (Monty Python anyone? Simpsons?)
  • We pick topics that a first year can enjoy and also some that will challenge a 4th year
  • Fabulous prizes for:
    • Top score 2nd or 1st year player
    • Top score anyone
  • Sponsored by VetVance – Zoetis
coffee & convos
Coffee & Convos – 13 Mar @9am CST

One of the best parts of going to SAVMA Symposium is the chance to meet other students. If you’re a VBMA Members, check out Coffee and Convos – an exclusive opportunity to meet other students from around the country. There will also be a few, hand-picked professionals dedicated to the VBMA and it’s members in attendance. You won’t want to miss it! The first 50 members to arrive will receive a $15 coffee gift card. RSVP Today – link in @TheVBMA ‘s Bio. 

Fun and Games

We have put together a number of virtual social events for participants to learn a little about Manhattan, Kansas and our Veterinary school, get to know some of our staff and students, as well as get a chance to “chat” with each other. Here is what we are going to offer:

  • Kahoot! about Manhattan and Kansas State’s Veterinary College. This is a trivia competition where participants will be asked a series of multiple choice questions. Points are earned based on speed of answering, as well as answering the correct choice. The top three competitors at the end of the competition will win a prize, and will hopefully have learned some new information about our school and our town.
  • Happy Hour with Dr. Brian Herrin, head of our parasitology department. One of Dr. Herrin’s favorite ways to relax is by concocting new, exciting drinks. Join us for a virtual happy hour where Dr. Herrin will showcase his drink-making skills via zoom. Participants are encouraged to follow along on their own or in small, COVID friendly groups (a list of ingredients will be sent out ahead of time). The zoom chat function will be made available for participants to get to know one another or ask Dr. Herrin questions.
  • Guided paint night! Grab a canvas and some paints from your local craft supply store and learn how to create your very own masterpiece. This event will be similar to the happy hour, where you can chat with each other or ask our student artist any questions along the way. 
Closing Ceremony

We are thrilled to provide a casual networking environment for students and colleagues to connect with one another. We will also give out a number of awards for symposium, and we welcome the University of Minnesota as they generate excitement for the 2022 SAVMA Symposium. “Ice Breakers” will be provided for those groups who would like talking points. The closing ceremony is intended to be an enjoyable, relaxed experience that will last around an hour. We look forward to meeting many of you and hope you enjoy the event.